Working at DioCal

Monica and Sam at downtime
Leaflet for Holy Eucharist Service at the Convention

Monica and I also attended Holy Eucharist on Friday night (October 21st) at the California Diocesan Convention at Grace Cathedral. It was an amazing service. The Homily was given by our Dean at CDSP, The Rev. Dr. Mark Richardson which was an amazing sermon.

Also instead of us saying the Lord’s Prayer, there was a liturgical dance choreographed by Ana Hernandez and her troupe, who danced, chanted, and provided visual art to the New Zealand Lord’s Prayer.

The Best part of the night, in my opinion had to be when a young boy spoke the Prayers of the People in Cantonese. It was an eventful night and once again thank you Monica for taking me.

The next day October 22nd we helped out at the Episcopal Relief and Development Booth, well I did, and Monica helped with the booth next to ours that dealt with the Brazilian Ministry and their efforts they are doing out in Brazil.

The main focus at our booth dealt with the onset of Malaryia prevention in Africa and one of the solutions to this prevention was donating Mosquitoes Net for the Children and families in Africa by donating 12$ for each net and in return you are given a card for you to give to someone saying that you donated a net to someone in Africa. These nets are suppose to be treated with a type of chemical to keep Mosquitoes off of the nets.

For more information about the program visit this site.

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