Reading Weeks?

Finding My Bliss at the end of Reading Week

Well it seems that reading week has come and gone. Now it is a mad dash to the end of the semester. I wonder if we could change it to two weeks instead of the one? Can we?

I am already losing hair because of this fast dash to the end of the semester. I am managing to keep my one week ahead pace but for some classes it has become only a day ahead, and its so hard to manage any more. I shall get thru this!

Talking to my mother helps some. Especially my brother he keeps me grounded I think? Its so strange thinking about on my anxiety of coming here I was so scared and nervous even though I knew it would be a familiar place it was just a big change a giant step for me. And I’m actually doing it and I am surviving.

I miss my family I miss my home but God has brought me here for a reason and it continues my strive on being here and I know I am strong enough to endure this because I have been through so much already it doesn’t matter if I hit the bottom again because I am exactly where I need to be and on the right path that He is paving out for me.

Its not easy believe me but than again I don’t think anything is ever easy.

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