Ano Nuevo State Park

The best part of my thanksgiving weekend! The fresh salty air, the sun, the ocean. I finally had a chance to breathe this weekend. I went and visited a friend of my dad’s when he was at seminary here at CDSP. His name is Jim Hargis it was fun getting to know this whole other side of my dad’s life. I can tell that these two were pretty close I just cannot believe I didn’t meet him until now. His wife is awesome Masumi went all out for Thanksgiving this year, we had sushi, barbecued ribs, turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes with the marshmellows, everything was delicious I never thought I would ever have deep fried shrimp for thanksgiving but this was truly a special thanksgiving for the three of us along with Masumi’s friends they made the whole evening exciting.

I also had my first experience of Black Friday chaos! Oh my gosh! I am not going to ever try this again it was too much started at midnight and we stayed out until 5:45AM or got home at 5:45. What a crazy night and all we had to show for it was my new Harry Potter DVD the second part of Deathly Hallows for $2.99 @ Best Buy or something like that and Masumi’s Rice cooker for 10$ at Macy’s everything else we were told to take back. But all in all it was a good thanksgiving weekend. I am just so grateful to have new relatives in my life and I know for sure Jim and Masumi are now apart of my life for the long run.

One thought on “Ano Nuevo State Park

  1. Thanks for your email as well. Glad you had a good time with your Dad’s friend & family! As to Black Friday, I can’t think of anything I’d want badly enough for which to get up– or go to bed– at 4 am (except a vacation trip to an exotic island). But I think it’s a “learning experience” to do it at least once…
    Love and God bless, M & G

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