Stress Stress Stress

Ok a quick update. I attended the San Francisco Symphony’s “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” Christmas performance. It was an early birthday gift from my friends Jay and Barbara it was the absolute and best birthday/night of my life. I think I said on my facebook status that night “My cup runneth over” and indeed it did! Wow! To hear O Holy Night like that was amazing!! I use to play the 1st Chair Flute in High School so this was like a major big deal for me. I will post the pictures below:

Also the morning of this day I attended my good friend Abby’s liurgical debut of her eucharistic agape liturgy for St. Andrew’s day. What a beautiful service and at a beautiful setting. With beautiful music. Good job Abby!!

Now I am busy studying, and writing away for my final papers and exam week next week. I have two presentations to do this week which I really should be working on right now but instead am putting up a blog post of last week. How crazy is that? I will get it all done I assure you. But please continue to keep me in your prayers I still have to get good grades in order to come back here next semester. 🙂

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