Back into the Groove of things

Its been a crazy past few weeks this spring semester begins. So many things to do and I made my studies suffer because of a conference in San Diego that I had to attend, for scholarship purposes.

A lot of work seemed to be accomplished there in San Diego though. So that is good. We have a resolution for General Convention just pray that everything will go well. We had dialogues about what Native Spirituality means to us and Native Americans, and also learned to include Indigenous Studies in the curriculum for our future clergy in our Church. We still have to resolute this to General convention but I believe we have a good standpoint.

Classes have been brutal I do not have anymore downtime for myself anymore.  I can barely keep up with these blog postings. I am managing however.

My First Day without Soda
The Burning of the Palms

Ash Wednesday has come and gone, the start of lent has also snuck up on me as well. I have decided to give up Diet Coke mostly all sodas as my lenten discipline for the year. I am trying not to complain but overall today marks my third day and I finally feel out of the sluggish state I was feeling the first two days. No more headaches as well. So this is good.

I have a lot to read this weekend but what I’m most worried about is my  Introduction to Pastoral Theology class assignment, in which a book report is due. I also will have to attend a worship service on sunday that exemplifies an Ehtnic assembly. This will be an observance report for my Introduction to Worship class.

And after I finish these two, four-page papers I still have readings that I need to get caught up with. Whew! I finally feel overwhelmed…I should probably pray about these things. Maybe that will help a few things.

On top of all that I also have to be worried about taking my GRE and finish two essays for my M. Div application here at CDSP. The good news about that though is that I will be finishing out my M. Div degree all 3 years here at CDSP. So excited! So happy! I will also receive my C.A.S degree at graduation in May not sure on the date but I just signed a form saying that I was graduating so that will be fun. I just hope my family at home can make it. We will see. My neice is suppose to be graduating from high school as well but that isn’t until June and she’s in Texas so hopefully our family will make it to that celebration!

I should probably get to reading so I will end things here. Welcome 2012 and Welcome to Spring. Hope all your endeavors are prosperous this year as mine already seems to be, well on its way to being!


One thought on “Back into the Groove of things

  1. Hello Cathlena– long time since we wrote but thinking about you often. Hope you survived Lent without soda– brave girl as you are– and that your courses are going well. Wishing you and your family HAPPY EASTER with many blessings! Love, M & G

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