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September 24, 2012

Dear Utah Navajo Royalties Holding Fund,

                I am sending these documents to you in hopes of receiving funding for my seminary education here in Berkeley California. Navajo Nation Scholarship has been giving me the run around on the processes of their scholarship applications. I deem them unfair and would like to address my own home scholarship office for any assistance they might be able to give me.

                I am a second year Master’s of Divinity student here at the Church Divinity School of the Pacfic in Berkeley California. This is the nearest academic seminary for the Episcopal Church tradition. It is the only nearest seminary to the Utah reservation. My courses involve subjects in theology, Christian education, pastoral education, ministry field education, History of Christianity beginning with the ancient history of Christianity and ending with the reformation and contemporary church life. Most of the theology courses here include ecofeminist theology, liberation theology, and what is most familiar to us Navajo Christians, creation theology. I am currently in the process of developing a Navajo Christian theology that entails certain aspects of Navajo spirituality practices and rituals and coinciding these beliefs with Christian theology and history. I am also working on an Episcopal liturgy that will engage these two beliefs into a Eucharistic worship service.

                I am doing real work out here I am not an average graduate student that aims to take a laid back ride in their academic career. My work is real and benefits our Navajo People with developed knowledge in social work, as well as psychology. This is very much needed on the Navajo reservation. Attaining spirituality is a gift I aim to inspire among our younger generations.   

                All I ask is that you please consider my name and application documents in your next round of scholarship award recipients. As a Native American living among Anglo individuals you tend to lose your self or your Dineh self but I am striving to balance mine with constant stories of our creation emergence narratives. I also recite ritually the early dawn prayers with an offering of cedar smoke and corn pollen.  I am a strong Navajo Christian Episcopal Woman and I will see this bump in the road of financial debt as a hopeful obstacle on my continued journey to Christ.


With many Respects,


Cathlena A. Plummer


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