Christmas Festivities and Being Home

First Order of business on returning home was setting up for Christmas Service at St. Mary’s of the Moonlight in Oljeto UT actually just drove in from Kingman AZ. My mom needed help so what else was I gonna do?

Second Order of duty…attending a Nativity Story Pageant at St. John’s in Montezuma Creek, UT. The Kids were so cute and they did such a great job but was just good to see family there and my mom at ease for once.

Third Order of duty was helping out at St. Christopher’s with their Christmas Eve service the following night. So a bit of a busy weekend. But we all managed and therefore had a successful Christmas Holiday.


Heading Home Soon

Well I made it through one whole semester of seminary. Now just have to await the painful experience of finding out how I rate at my first semester in graduate school. Nothing here has been easy but I have managed, thanks to all my good friends who have helped me spiritually and mentally.

I don’t know why I feel so sad about it, we’re going to see each other again in a month but still I feel sad about leaving and at the same time I feel joy for going home and seeing my beautiful loving family.

This has been the biggest challenge I’ve ever endured…just pointing that out now because I may seem like I am calm and collective but with all the struggles of keeping my faith in all of this, and it does get tested repeatedly, I just have to say I am glad I know where I stand and am glad to know I am very rooted in my beliefs.

Let us see what happens in the spring.

Merry Christmas everyone and have a very Happy New Year!!

Stress Stress Stress

Ok a quick update. I attended the San Francisco Symphony’s “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” Christmas performance. It was an early birthday gift from my friends Jay and Barbara it was the absolute and best birthday/night of my life. I think I said on my facebook status that night “My cup runneth over” and indeed it did! Wow! To hear O Holy Night like that was amazing!! I use to play the 1st Chair Flute in High School so this was like a major big deal for me. I will post the pictures below:

Also the morning of this day I attended my good friend Abby’s liurgical debut of her eucharistic agape liturgy for St. Andrew’s day. What a beautiful service and at a beautiful setting. With beautiful music. Good job Abby!!

Now I am busy studying, and writing away for my final papers and exam week next week. I have two presentations to do this week which I really should be working on right now but instead am putting up a blog post of last week. How crazy is that? I will get it all done I assure you. But please continue to keep me in your prayers I still have to get good grades in order to come back here next semester. 🙂

Ano Nuevo State Park

The best part of my thanksgiving weekend! The fresh salty air, the sun, the ocean. I finally had a chance to breathe this weekend. I went and visited a friend of my dad’s when he was at seminary here at CDSP. His name is Jim Hargis it was fun getting to know this whole other side of my dad’s life. I can tell that these two were pretty close I just cannot believe I didn’t meet him until now. His wife is awesome Masumi went all out for Thanksgiving this year, we had sushi, barbecued ribs, turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes with the marshmellows, everything was delicious I never thought I would ever have deep fried shrimp for thanksgiving but this was truly a special thanksgiving for the three of us along with Masumi’s friends they made the whole evening exciting.

I also had my first experience of Black Friday chaos! Oh my gosh! I am not going to ever try this again it was too much started at midnight and we stayed out until 5:45AM or got home at 5:45. What a crazy night and all we had to show for it was my new Harry Potter DVD the second part of Deathly Hallows for $2.99 @ Best Buy or something like that and Masumi’s Rice cooker for 10$ at Macy’s everything else we were told to take back. But all in all it was a good thanksgiving weekend. I am just so grateful to have new relatives in my life and I know for sure Jim and Masumi are now apart of my life for the long run.

First Year’s Potluck Party

Our laughter looks so real haha.

We all had to take a break this weekend, what better way to do it than be amongst friends.

Phil and Cheryl our affectionally known mom and pop pair here at seminary coordinated a little party in which we could all be present. Even though this picture above is choreographed, which I wasn’t probably suppose to tell, we still managed to have a very fun night with various conversations and of course Jeff’s guitar playing.

It was fun I needed a break and it is always good to be with these new good friends of mine. I do not know how else I could get thru these past 3 months without them they are all very unique and keep me entertained at the very times I need entertainment.